Former Vice President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Issa Aremu at the weekend said failed parenthood is responsible for the dread Boko Haram insurgency and militancy bedevilling the nation.
This was as he said it is unfortunate that some ‘misguided’ youths, most of whom are teenagers are pressing and protesting for Biafra, the break away of the Igbos from Nigeria, agitation he said were caused by failed parentage.
The labour leader stated this during the 40th day Fidau prayer for his late mother, Hajia Hafsat Amoke Aremu who died at the age of 91.
Aremu who was reacting to the Biafra protest, said, he learnt to be a patriotic Nigerian from his late mother who exposed him to different parts of Nigeria by sponsoring him to study outside his country home at his tender age.
He however lamented that, parenthood has failed and its product is what is threatening the existence of indivisible Nigeria today.
He said Nigeria cannot be divided by people with primordial sentiment, saying God Himself amalgamated Nigeria before the coming of Lord Lugard.
According to him, “what is happening in the North-East today is failure of parenthood, if not, how can some misguided youths claim to know Islam more than Usman Danfodiyo?
“I was shocked when I saw the photographs of Boko Haram kingpins declared by the military recently and all of them are youths, teenagers just like the people who are calling for the division of Nigeria. These are people who don’t know the history of Nigeria.
“But the way out of these problems is to employ these youths positively, because if they are not positively employed, someone will employ them negatively by giving them IEDs to bomb. That is why the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government must revive the railway and all moribund industries.
“Revival of railway will not only employ teeming Nigerians, it will go a long way in promoting unity. In those days of the railway, it was booming more than NNPC and took Nigerians working with railway to different parts of the country, where they cohabited with others as patriotic Nigerians, even before the amalgamation of Nigeria by Lord Lugard, Nigerians were living together.

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