National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, has alerted the Federal Government of the danger posed by the influx of fake Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, into Abuja, stating these unchecked IDPs are serious security threat to the residents.
NEMA Zonal Coordinator, Mr. Ishaya Isah Chonoko, who expressed worry over the activities of the illegal IDPs in Abuja, said fake IDPs were trading on the real IDPs to enrich their pockets.
“The bad side of the story is that those people who attracted their friends and brothers of insurgency victims have now made the IDPs as a way of making money. For instance, when they saw, there was much assistance coming to original IDPs and since they invited them to come; they put their names, their family members’ names come first for any item to be distributed before the real IDPs. So they have made original IDPs as agents of enriching themselves,” said Chonoko.
While reacting to the claim of the IDPs that government has abandoned them, the NEMA Zonal Coordinator warned that there were no officially camps in Abuja, adding that those who reside in different locations in FCT came on their own through their friends and brothers who invited them.
He explained that it is not the responsibility of the National Emergency Management Agency to set up camps in FCT, noting that by the arrangement of the disaster management, the local emergency disaster management.
Chonoko also disclosed that an adequate measures and plans were concluded to return the real IDPs to federal government established camps where they would be properly taken care of in the north-east instead of living at the mercy of those that brought them to FCT.
“We were told that Nigeria has 12000 refugees in Cameroun and the Cameroun government ordered that Nigeria should evacuate them.
“Borno that has the largest population of IDPs has set up additional camps in Maiduguri and has started evacuating those in Yola to make room for those we are bringing from Cameroun thereby creating space to accommodate those evacuated already from other places.
“So there is enough space in Yola camps that could house those ones here in Abuja instead of living at the mercy of those fake IDPs who invited them here,” he said.

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