PRINCIPAL Investigator
of Performance Monitoring
and Accountability,
PMA, 2020, Dr Elizabeth
Omoluabi, said Anambra
State has been placed
fourth in PMA, 2020 survey
carried out in 2016 in seven
states on the use of modern
contraceptives for the
prevention of pregnancy
and family planning.
Omoluabi stated this
yesterday during a training
session for its field workers
for the beginning of the
Anambra Round 2 of
the exercise which will
commence soon.
She said PMA 2020,
Anambra round one
showed that only 17.5
percent of women in the
state have access to modern
family planning methods,
and so placed fourth
behind Lagos, Rivers and
Nasarawa States.
Anambra, however, beat
Kaduna 16.1 percent, Taraba
9.6 percent and Kano State
6.0 percent in the seven
states where round one of
the project was carried out.
She stated that the field
workers who are mostly
Anambra ladies will carry
out their survey in round
two, in randomly selected
areas in the state, which she
said would be presented to
government as a working
tool to help improve their
According to her, “The
project is being carried out
in 11 countries of the world
with a view to tracking
family planning to know
the level of use of modern
“We are also interested
in water and sanitation. In
general, we are interested in
heath and in reproductive
health. Remember that
Nigeria had promised
the world that it is going
to make family planning
available to 36 percent of its
women in 2018, and right
now, it is very far from it,
and our role is to keep track
of the promise and see how
far we were able to go in
fulfilling this.
“Every year, we report
back to tell the world the
level Nigeria has been
able to achieve this dream,
and that is the training
the ladies are undergoing
today for the second round
in Anambra State. Our joy
is that our survey materials
are now gaining credibility
among states, who use it as
a working document.”

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