Laide Bakare sent social media buzzing after she took to Instagram to post a photo flaunting the apparently new nails.
The actress captioned the image “Feeling my $1000 nails like never b4.”
With the price of dollar at an all-time high in the country, the price at which she claimed to have fixed her nails could be as high as N320, 000.00.
Several fans must have done the mathematics, for it did not take long before she was being called out for flaunting such ostentatious, lavish spending, asking her when she last donated anything to the needy.
The actress however seemed unaffected by all the abuse, and is even thought to be finding the whole episode rather funny, after posting one other video and picture captioning them “How I love to disturb your WKEND. Lol OYA” and “Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha, oo OMG my people! My people.”

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