ARABIC teacher, AbdulRasheed
Akinyemi, whose wife was just
delivered of a set of premature
triplet, has appealed to the wife
of Osun State governor, Alhaja
Sherifat Aregbesola, to assist in
saving the babies from dying.
Akinyemi, 40, who teaches
Arabic lesson in his local
community in Osogbo, said he
does not have stable income and
has incurred huge debts in the
course of his wife’s pregnancy.
According to him, his wife,
Nafisat, 37, was delivered of a
set of triplet in a private hospital,
Royal Crown Hospital, Osogbo,
on Saturday, May 14, 2016.
Nafisat, who is a full-time
housewife, was delivered
through Dilation and Curettage,
D&C, operations.
He said that his wife had at
the early stage of the pregnancy
registered for prenatal at the state
general hospital in Osogbo, but
when it was time for delivery,
she was referred to the private
According to him, the
premature babies are currently
in an incubator facility at the Life
Line Hospital, Oke Ontii, Osogbo.
He lamented that the hospital
had been charging N10,000 to
N20,000 and more on daily basis
for the treatment of the babies
since they were taken there.
The couple has had two
female children before, Nasirat
Akinyemi, 14 and Azizat
Akinyemi, 11.
They also had a set of triplets
in 2012 but all died due to lack of
care and financial challenges.
At present, Akinyemi said that
Crown Hospital is demanding
N140,000 delivery and treatment
He said that he had been
borrowing to meet the daily
treatment of the triplet at Life
Line Hospital and does not know
yet what would be his final bill
and how to raise the money.
Akinyemi lamented that the
survival of the babies and health
of his wife were his primary
concern as he had no financial
means of taking care of them.
He said already, he had
incurred debts close to N200,000
and still growing as both the
triplet and their mother were
under intensive care.
He therefore, appealed to the
Seri Care Foundation, SCARF, a
non-governmental organisation
and pet project of the wife of
Osun State governor, to come to
his rescue.
“I am appealing to our first lady
in Osun State, Alhaja Sherifat
Abidemi Aregbesola, to kindly
come to the aid of my family.
“Right now the hospital where
my wife was delivered is asking
for N140,000 for the Dilation and
Curettage operations.
“The babies too, because
they are premature, are under
incubator and the hospital keeps
asking for money every day for
the care of the babies.
“As I speak, I am running from
pillar to post, borrowing money
from families and friends just to
make sure that this set of triplet
do not die like those we had in
2012, who did not survive as a
result of the same premature
condition,” he said

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