Ayodele Fayose, Ekiti state governor, has disclosed that his predecessor, Kayode Fayemi betrayed his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC and its national leader, Bola Tinubu who helped him to power.
The governor said his administration was grappling with the legacies of huge debt, unpaid salaries, white giant projects, bad governance and corruption left behind by the APC-led administration of Kayode Fayemi, his predecessor.
Fayose, who was reacting to Fayemi’s interview in some newspapers in which the ex-governor said that “his legacy was being destroyed”, said no responsible administration will sustain a legacy of over N86 billion debt that was sustained on projects with no straight bearing on the welfare of the people.
In a statement issued by Lere Olayinka, Fayose’s media aide, the incumbent governor said it was essential for Fayemi’s negative legacies to be destroyed, and that “even in the APC, his legacy of betrayal of Senator Bola Tinubu, the man who made him governor is being destroyed.
“Today, Fayemi has been ostracised by those who assisted him to office because he has betrayed all of them, including Tinubu.
“Never again shall Ekiti be governed by those who will borrow billions of naira to plant flowers and create comfort for themselves alone,” Fayose declared.
“Does he then want us to sustain the legacy of serial betrayal of his benefactors?
“If he served Ekiti and its people well, why was it that he was roundly defeated in all the 16 local councils in the state in the 21 June, 2014 governorship election and his party was also defeated 16 to 0 in the presidential, National Assembly and House of Assembly elections?
“Even his own party men described his electoral defeat as the worst in Nigeria.”
Fayose questioned: “Did Fayemi leave behind any positive legacy in Ekiti?
“When Fayemi became governor, he chose to close down two universities established by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, government of Segun Oni and abandoned the Oba Adejugbe General Hospital, Ado-Ekiti, claiming that the state could not fund more than one university.
“The same Fayemi, who said Ekiti had no money to fund more than one university preferred to take N25 billion bond to plant flowers that never germinated up till now and build a new governor’s lodge, civic centre, pavilion and execute other irrelevant projects.
“Furniture alone, in the N3.3 billion governor’s lodge that he built for himself and his wife cost N604.9 million and Fayemi wants such legacy of profligacy to be sustained in Ekiti?
“We are sorry to tell him that we won’t sustain such legacy of waste.
“Even vehicles bought for traditional rulers and political appointees, his government did not pay and uncompleted Oba Adejugbe General Hospital and State Pavilion were commissioned with fanfare.
“Today, Ekiti State is under the yoke of debt, courtesy of Fayemi’s mismanagement of the state resources and what we are destroying are those legacies of mis-governance he left behind.
“One bad news that we must however tell Fayemi is that we won’t only destroy his legacy of misgovernance and betrayal in Ekiti, we will also make sure that economic devourers like him will never taste power in the state.”
It should be recalled that Fayemi was heavily criticized by Tinubu, stating that he was the reason the APC failed in Ekiti state because the ex-governor had no electoral value.
According to reports the tension between the two leaders dates back to the gubernatorial polls in Ekiti state, where Fayemi was defeated by Fayose.

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