Gov Fayose
Gov Fayose

Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media to Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state, Lere Olayinka, has debunked reports by an online media that the governor and members of his family were barred from entering the United States of America.
In a statement made available to the Nigerian Pilot, Mr. Olayinka described the report as another lie from the pit ofˇhell and ?the latest mischief from one of the AllˇProgressives Congress, APC propaganda organs, Sahara Reporters.
Even though I am not unmindful of the fact that Sahara Reporters andˇits Jankara brand of journalism should not attract the attention ofˇsane minds, I feel oblige to set the records straight.
Governor Fayose has travelled to the US only twice in his life andˇsince he became governor, he has not had any reason to apply for USˇvisa since he became governor in 2014, not to talk of being restrictedfrom travelling to the country.
?It is on record that during the governor’s trial by the Economic andˇFinancial Crimes Commission, EFCC, the court ordered that hisˇinternational passport be deposited with the court. When the passportˇwas released to him in 2009, he applied to the US embassy for theˇrenewal of his visa and the embassy denied him of the renewal on theˇpremise that he was still under trial.
Mr. Olayinka stressed that Governor Fayose won the EFCC case in 2014 and not only that he was discharged and acquitted, N10 million cost was awarded against theˇEFCC.
The records in FRN Vs Mr. Ayodele Fayose, charge No. FHC,. L.. 179c,ˇ2006 and the ruling discharging and acquitting the governor deliveredˇon October 30, 2014 by Hon. Justice Adamu Hobon are there for anyoneˇto see.
Contrary to the lies from Sahara Reporters the governor’s sons stillˇhave USA visa valid till March 2017 while that of his wife will expireˇthis year. His wife and children travel to the USA regularly and they
were in the USA during the last summer. Records of their trips to theˇUS are there for anyone to verify.
It is shameful that Sahara Reporters can elevate its ‘Boolekajaˇjournalism’ to the ridiculous level of dropping the name of the USˇPresident Barack Obama with the governor’s application for visa renewal of 2009 (seven years ago).
It is even more shameful that Sahara Reporters opted to be silent overˇthe fact that the election won by Governor Fayose was applauded by theˇUS and the immediate past US ambassador to Nigeria visited theˇgovernor before and after he was elected.
This latest effort of Sahara Reporters is diversionary and just a ployˇto get at the governor because of his criticism of the PresidentˇMohammadu Buhari led APC government, but the governor is undeterred.
It is another of their cheap blackmail to divert the attention ofˇNigerians from the APC-led government’s inability to deliver on theirˇelectoral promises.
It should be noted that the Jankara propaganda medium did more thanˇthis before the 2014 election and its sponsors lost woefully. It hasˇalso been lying against the governor consistently, going to the ridiculous level of lying that the governor’s son was arrested inˇDubai.
Invasion of Ekiti State by the armed men of the Department of StateˇServices (DSS) failed, police invasion also failed,ˇ this renewedˇeffort at maligning Governor Fayose by Sahara Reporters, the APC’s agent of falsehood is definitely dead on arrival.

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