Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has called on well-meaning
Nigerians to prevail on President Mohammadu Buhari to stop his
needless foreign trips, describing the president’s trip to the United
States of America on Wednesday for the 4th Nuclear Security Summit
while Nigerians are suffering at home as “joke of the year.”

The governor said “it remains a mystery what President Buhari that met
power generation at 6,000MW and could not manage it such that power
generation crumbled to Zero Megawatt yesterday, will contribute to the
Nuclear Energy Summit in America.”

Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and
New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said “it is shameful that
while President Buhari was far away in the United States of America,
attending a summit that does not have any bearing on Nigeria and its
people, an unprecedented happened - power generation stopped
completely for over three hours!”

He said the sufferings of Nigerians deserved the attention of the
president instead of junketing around the world, wasting the country’s
scarce foreign exchange.

The governor alleged that over $50 million must have been spent on the
president’s frequent foreign trips, adding that Nigerians should ask
President Buhari whether his trip to the United States of America to
attend Nuclear Energy Summit will bring the lingering fuel scarcity
being experienced in the country to an end.

“Nigerians are suffering. Petrol has become so scarce that our people
now sleep in petrol stations to buy fuel at N200 per litre while the
president who should alleviate their sufferings is in the USA,
attending a summit that he won’t even understand whatever that is
discussed there.

“This is not acceptable. Mr President should stay at home and see to
it that at least, power generation returns to 6,000MW that he met it
if he cannot add to it.

“Mr President should stay at home and bring this fuel scarcity that
has paralysed almost all activities in the country to an end.

“Nigerians are saying their president should stay at home and bring to
an end the killings, raping of women and destruction of farmlands by
Fulani herdsmen.

“Most importantly, the President should listen more to those of us who
criticise him instead of those hailing every of his wrong steps either
because of what they intend to gain or for fear of persecution,” the
governor said.

  • vic

    esta code chopper, useless globe trotter, deadwood daura fool buhari, is clown with a cap and a big joke for nigerian suffering masses. buhari is dead on arrival. he is even incapable of paying workers salaries and pensions in time each month without spilling into the first week of next month.

    buhari has turned out to be bad dream for nigeria and nigerians.