FBN Money Market Fund managed by FBN Capital Asset Management has retained its Agusto & Co fund risk rating of ‘Aa(f)’. Funds with this rating are considered to have minimal to low risk of investment loss due to net asset value volatility. The fund has consistently showed high performance yields and offers 13.24 percent (yield as at July 24).
According to Agusto & Co, the FBN Money Market Fund retained this rating as a result of the good credit quality of its underlying assets, low exposure to liquidity and interest rate risks and the capability of the investment management team, with the portfolio manager having over 22 years of investment management experience.
In addition, the zero currency risk, being the effect of denominating the investments in the fund in naira, also contributed to the renewed rating.
The FBN Money Market Fund is a short-to-medium term investment solution that provides stability, liquidity and income on a quarterly basis to unit holders. The fund typically offers higher interest rates when compared to the rates on a normal bank savings accounts and investors can invest with as little as N5,000.
FBN Capital Asset Management offers a broad range of investment products and services aimed at assisting individuals to adequately provide for their future through financial planning and investing.
Its other mutual funds include the FBN Fixed Income Fund and the FBN Heritage Fund.
FBN Capital Asset Management was awarded the best Asset Manager in Nigeria at the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards in December 2014.
FBN Capital Limited as a group was also recognised as the Best Investment Bank in Nigeria for the third year running by Global Finance Magazine in 2014 and the Best Local Investment Bank in 2013 at the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards.

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