Professionals in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, have joined the voices of those clamouring for the appointment of the outgoing governor of Kano State, Mallam Musa Rabiu Kwankwaso, as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.
Speaking in Abuja yesterday, spokesperson of the group, Mr. Ben Agari stated that they earnestly desired a minister who would replicate what Mallam Nasir el-Rufai did when he was the minister, stressing that the territory would have long developed more than its current status had el-Rufai remained as the minister all these years.
To this end, he argued that since it was not possible for El-Rufai to be reappointed as FCT Minister because of his latest victory as the governor-elect of Kaduna State, the next person that could do as much as he did is Kwankwaso.
“We have seen what he did in Kano State. As far as we are concerned, he is the best governor in the whole of the northern region, and FCT deserves a person with such proven integrity and track record.
“I was dazed with the kind of structures I saw in Kano when I visited the last time. I mean tangible things you can point to as development. And you hardly see him go to the television to make noise as some other governors do,” Agari said.
Agari maintained that they would not rest in the demand for his appointment when president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari forms his cabinet after he is sworn-in as president, come May 29.
“We are very serious with our demand and we will not rest until we see it come to pass. We are tired of ministers who end up doing nothing all through their tenure. In fact, there was one who only built bumps throughout the roads of Abuja. This is not what we want, we want meaningful development and that is what Kwankwaso can give to us,” he concluded.

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