Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Mohammad Musa Bello has charged heads of departments in the Federal Capital Territory administration to maintain public infrastructures in the capital city, Abuja.
He stated this yesterday in Abuja when he visited Millennium Park which is considered as a flagship park in the Federal Capital Territory.
The Minister stressed that there is need for collective responsibility on the parts of the various heads of departments to ensure that public infrastructures are in good state at all times.
“We cannot work in isolation. All of us turn to look at issues of this our beautiful city only from the perspective of our individual departments. We have lost sight of the fact that it is the collective successes of the various departments that makes us to be recognised as haven running our city well.”
On the state of Abuja at 40, the Minister explained that the focus in the last 40 years has been on building the city, but now it behoves on the administration to maintain already established infrastructures.
“Now it is time to maintain the services that already exist by maintaining the infrastructures on ground.”
Director, Parks and Recreation Department, FCDA, Mr. Ologun Roland however, told newsmen that there is adequate manpower to maintain the infrastructures but the major issues lies on lack of funds to buy the necessary equipments.
“We have the men and staff, but the equipment and operational funding is lacking. You need funds to go around daily to monitor these infrastructures.”
He stated that there are many areas government needs to look into, such as providing funds to get specialised equipment to facilitate their job.
He added that many staff has lost their lives in the process of trying to do work that could be easily done by machine.
“We have lost many of our workers who fall from tree which are as tall as 7 to 8 metres while attempting to trim them.”

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