Palpable fear has gripped internally displaced persons, IDPs, as impostors have invaded their camps across the country.
The anxiety is most heightened as the inmates fear that such invaders may be insurgents who are out to commit further havocs on them.
In Maiduguri, Borno State as well as Kaduna and Kuchingoro in Abuja, the federal capital territory the apprehension is the same. Borno state has about 26 camps according to Governor Shettima recently told the Senate President, Dr Saraki, who led a delegation of the Senate to the state recently.
The camps shelter over a million IDPS from over 20 local government areas which have been devastated as a result of insurgency attacks and are been catered for by the state government through the state emergency management agency, SEMA, with donations from individuals, agencies and the government until recently when the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, took over the responsibility from SEMA.
Investigations conducted by Nigerian Pilot Sunday revealed that some none IDPs or those who are not displaced by Boko Haram have begun to flood the place leeching on humanitarian materials provided for the inmates.
“Even the raw food items such as rice , Indomie, corns and non-food items sometimes distributed to them by some individuals and organizations like Red Cross and NEMA are not also sparred by such lazy persons who usually pose as IDPs to collect such items.”
Besides, it was observed that a good number of the people that claimed to be victims of Boko Haram attacks have recently besieged or taken some public places, particularly the popular post office area of Maiduguri, moving from house to house to beg for alms despite the efforts of the government and various agencies to provide their basic needs at the camps.
While the invasion has been denied by government officials, a cook in the Government College Maiduguri camp told this paper that there are actually such persons, who usually come from outside to collect food and they seems to be protected by officials of the agency, some of who may be related to them.
An IDP, who also spoke to Nigerian Pilot Sunday but begged not to have his name published, also collaborated the views of the cook.
When contacted, the camp secretary, Salihu Ibrahim, contradicted the claims of the cook as he denied the presence of fake IDPs in the camps. He noted that those who come to the camps are their fellow IDPs who are not staying in the camp or residing with friends or relations among the host community. He laso allayed fears of possible insurgents who come in as impostor to wreck havoc, saying that the camps are well secured
In a related development in Kaduna, the story is not also different particularly in the Barakallahu camp, Kaduna that houses Internal Displaced Persons, IDPs who ran for safety from the North-East region, Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States as a result of the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents.
A source close to the Barakallahu camp, Malam Mohammed Musa Isge confirmed the presene of fake IDPs to Nigerian Pilot Sunday in a chat in Kaduna, yesterday. Malam Isge confirmed that fake IDPs have infiltrated the camp. According to him, these persons impersonate the IDPs due to hardship in the country.
“Some of them do this because they can’t meet up with the home front demands. There was a time a Good Samaritan gave us items to distribute to these persons and upon taking the list and sharing it to them, I discovered a man who claimed to be an IDP.
“Upon interrogation, he confessed to me that he was not an IDP but entered into the camp to get something to feed his family. We went to his house and I met with his family members. His wife confirmed feeding was a major challenge of the family. So we were left no option other than to assist him,” Isge said.
Meanwhile, efforts by our Kaduna correspondent as at the time of filing in this report to get government react to the development proved abortive.
Similarly, the story is the same at the IDPs camp in Kuchinguoro, a suburb near Abuja. Sources told this paper that victims of past demolition exercises in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, who are homeless and indigent persons have taken over the camp and pose as the real IDPs.
They expressed fear that with the new wave of suicide bombing, their lives were no longer safe as everybody now pose as a potential IDP. Efforts to reach NEMA and the FCT command proved abortive

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