Recent bill to criminalise lecturer-students sexual relations may well be having its first casualty, even before it is passed into law, as a lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, is currently in police net for allegedly raping a 17-year-old ND1 student of the institution.
The lecturer, Mr. Tony Ozineri of the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Servicom Unit of the institution was said to have offered to give the student a ride on Saturday, April 30, while she was buying fruits outside the school premises.
Introducing himself and offering to give her a ride to her house, one of the off-campus private hostels just outside the main gate of the institution, the unsuspecting student had hopped in, not realising that would be her greatest undoing.
According to sources who spoke to Nigerian Pilot, instead of taking her to her house, the lecturer passed and headed towards Kuchi Woro, a village just after the institution on the way to Doko.
“He drove her to one primary school building in the village just next to the school. She became worried, asking him where he was taking her to but she couldn’t jump out of the vehicle since he was on speed. It was when he got to the primary school which was deserted and parked that she began to struggle to get out. He however locked the doors and while still holding her with one hand, brought out a condom.
“According to the student, it was at this point, while he was trying to put on the condom, that she managed to open the door, got out of the car and ran, but he caught up with her, beat her to a pulp and raped her severally without using the condom any longer,” our source said.
He eventually left her on the floor and drove off.
She, however, was able to drag herself to the road and sought for help.
The victim, an ND1 Public Administration student, was then rushed to the school clinic where she spent four days before she was discharged.
Angered by the incident, students went in search of the lecturer, beat him up before handing him over to the school security which eventually handed him over to the police.
The police, it was reported, took him to the school in hand-cuffs on Monday, May 2, and had met with the rector of the institution, Dr. Abubakar Dzukogi, to confirm the status of the “accused” lecturer.
He was then moved to the State CID headquarters of the Nigeria Police in Dutsen Kura, Minna, Niger State, where sources say he will soon be charged to court immediately after the conclusion of investigations.
The rector, Dr. Dzukogi confirmed exclusively to Nigerian Pilot that the unfortunate incident happened.
“It is true, it happened actually. The case is already with the police. The management has directed him to face staff disciplinary committee.
“Meanwhile, by the powers conferred on me, we have suspended him pending the time he will face the committee.”
Confirming the incident also, the public relations officer of the institution, Husseini Mohhamed Enagi told Nigerian Pilot that the institution was aware of the “allegation” against the lecturer and had taken action already.
“The matter has already been forwarded to the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee which has already begun action. As I am talking to you now, I can confirm to you that before the end of today (Thursday, May 5), he will be served his suspension letter and will be placed on half salary until the determination of the matter, which is currently being investigated by the police. This is in accordance with the rules of the polytechnic,” Enagi said.

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