Thank you for your piece in the back page of NIGERIAN PILOT’s edition of August 23, instant, of which you are Editor.
I like the allusions you made to the United States, France, Venezuela and Germany. All these countries had, or have economic problems as do all others, or is there any economically perfect country?
But the bone I want the government to crack, along with all those who flew the kite of Emergency Powers for the President is: WHAT FORM and SHAPE would their emergency powers have taken?
Glibly, in Nigeria, we mouth “State of Emergency” to be declared, especially in the power sector which has defied ‘superman’ Babatunde Fashola. But ask any Nigerian for the SPECIFICS of a State Emergency such as they espouse. They will never go beyond their prescription.
Obama impressed me with the powers he exercised over the distressed economy he inherited from President George Bush Jnr. Long before that, in the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930s, I love what President Delano Roosevelt did with his economic recovery strategy called THE NEW IDEAL. They all had specific areas that they addressed – and successfully.
I will not bother to talk about those of France and Venezuela, but I demand that those campaigning- and denying- for emergency power for Muhammadu Buhari to BE SPECIFIC! They should explain, they should not be vague in their prescription. This is a country and citizens are roasting, as i gleaned in your column.
I expect the government to tell me what to expect should Buhari secure the extraordinary powers that those who flew the kite are already denying.
. Asowata wrote from Abuja

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