To increase access to In-vitro Fertilisation procedure, an embryologist and Head of Operations, Fertigold Fertility Clinic, Lagos, Olajide Wilson, has said the centre had reduced its cost.

Wilson, who lamented the high cost of IVF treatment in Nigeria, also advised childless couples to seek medical treatment early.

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He said, “Infertility is already a frustrating and emotionally draining condition as many couples see the inability to have a child as a failure on their part. This unfortunate feeling is reinforced, especially in the low to middle-level income earners, by the high cost of accessing treatment for their condition, which many are unable to afford.”

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The embryologist identified the high cost of equipment, consumables and personnel needed for a successful round of IVF as factors that have contributed to  the cost of the procedure.

“But given the economic situation in the country and the emotional needs of the couples battling infertility, fertility clinics should do all they can to lighten the burden of these couples by reducing the cost of IVF treatment. After all, the wellbeing of patients is at the core of the essence of medical practice” Wilson added.

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