As petition letters continue to ooze out from the National Sports Commission, NSC, it’s former Director General, DG Chief Patrick Ekeji has asked aggrieved officials to reconsider their stand in order to allow peace to reign in the interest of Nigerian sports.
Ekeji who spoke to Nigerian Pilot Sports in Abuja called for amicable resolution of any impending misunderstanding by concerned management staff of the commission.
As the last check, President Muhammadu Buhari’s government has received18 petitions. Thirteen of the petitions were against the incumbent DG of NSC, Mallam Alhassan Yakmut.
Most of the petitions against Yakmut are certainly from within the National Sports Commission.
But one of the longest serving DG of the sports commission, submitted “let me tell you it has never been smooth for anybody at the top anywhere in the world. So, if there is in-fighting, I want all the factions to find a way to smoothen things out. I don’t think is the best thing for the Nigeria’s sport.”
Ekeji equally spoke on the need for the federal government to release special funds for optimal successful outing ahead of this year’s All Africa Games and 2016 Olympic games.
According to him, “I believe that the management of NSC will know how to deploy funds and define technicality. All we need to do is to wish Nigeria well in the forthcoming completions.
“But without the necessary financial resources, there was nothing much that the sports commission can achieve. There should be a clearer assessment of whether the sport should receive special funding that will give athletes the room to prepare ahead of any international competition.
“One area they need to improve on is manner in which sport is funded in the country. Because you cannot produce a gold medalist in a month neither can you produce a gold medalist in one year.
“It will take a minimum of 12 years to produce an Olympic gold medalist. That is 12 years of consistence funding, training, planning and consistence execution of these plans. So it only takes strong policy decision from the political big wigs in the country.”

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