President Muhammadu Buhari has assured investors in France and other parts of the world of his administration’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for businesses to thrive in Nigeria.
The President stated this while addressing a gathering of investors at the Nigerian-France presidential business forum which held at the headquarters of the French Business Confederation, as part of his ongoing visit to France.
President Buhari explained that Nigeria and France, which already have cordial trade partnership, needed to promote mutually beneficial and sustainable business relationship.
He recalled the long standing economic ties between the two countries which dates back as far as 1902 when the CFO set up training programme in Lagos.
President Buhari assured that his government will rebuild Nigeria into a competitive, virile and productive economy based on excellence, integrity, transparency, accountability and respect for the rule of law.
“It is a positive development that, today, Nigeria is the largest trading partner with France in Africa. But opportunities abound to greatly increase the current $5billion annual trade volume and I fully agree with President Hollande when he declared in February, 2014 in Abuja that trade volume between both countries should double in four years.
According to the President, this trade expansion is to cover critical areas such as agriculture, energy, automobile and skill development.
“Today many French companies are happy to have flourishing businesses in Nigeria, opportunities abound to greatly increase the $5billion annual trade volume between the two countries,” he said. ‎
President Buhari lauded the commitment of the French President, Francois Hollande with his plan to redouble this number.
He continued: “Nigeria is now at a new dawn to chart and reposition its destiny for greatness. We are resolved and firmly determined to consolidate on industrialising Nigeria and diversifying its economy into sectors such as agro-processing, mining, manufacturing, petro-chemicals, food processing and textiles.”
President Buhari told the investors that his government will spare no effort to sustain Nigeria’s credentials as the preferred and Number One investment destination in Africa as well as the country with the fourth highest investment returns in the world.
“Nigeria has what it takes to make a break-through and there is more to Nigeria than oil. It is a blessed land rich in agricultural and mineral resources, coupled with skilled and low-cost labour, large market, robust and competitive private sector,” he added.
The President thanked Mr Pierre Gattaz, President of the MMEDEF, organisers of the French-Nigeria Business Forum for mobilising the platform and looked forward to their business trip to Nigeria in three weeks time.

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