In view of Nigeria’s dwindling economy, House of Representatives yesterday said it would commence sectoral debate on the economy in line with its legislative agenda.
Giving the hint in his resumption speech, speaker of the House, Hon. Yakubu Dogara said the sectoral debate targeted all aspects of the economy and was to address the ills bedevilling the economy.
The speaker pointed out that the sectoral debates would lead to the crafting of new laws or amendment to existing ones, adding that the House would soon designate specific legislative sitting days or weeks in its calendar, specifically for discussion on various problems facing the country.
“I would also like to put us on notice that pursuant to our legislative agenda, we shall soon be commencing our programme of sectoral debates.
“You will recall that we committed ourselves in our legislative agenda document to “introduce sectoral debates on various aspects of Nigeria’s economy as part of (our) legislative initiative to address national problems.
“These sectoral debates will lead to the crafting of new laws or amendment to existing ones or generate recommendations on how to address the specific problem in question.
“The House will designate specific legislative sitting days or weeks in its calendar specifically for discussion on various problems facing the nation. Such identified themes, sectors, areas or problems include employment and job creation, health, education and social services; women, youths and children concerns; power/energy sector, oil and gas, science and technology; commerce and industry; transportation; telecommunications; agriculture; mining; manufacturing; diversification of the economy, finance, corruption, security matters, infrastructure and other initiatives of urgent national importance.
“The programme in this regard will be communicated in the notice paper for guidance shortly. Permit me to state, by way of a reminder, that heads of various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, MDAs, may be required to make presentations on issues relevant to their ministries, departments and agencies as part of the programme of these sectoral debates. I would implore all honourable members to prepare for this program that is critical to the overall success of our work as representatives of the people,”
Dogara stated.
He said other issue of critical importance was the unwarranted delays in submitting reports of committee referrals.
The speaker recalled that when they resumed from the Christmas recess early in the year, he called attention to the fact that the unprecedented 150 bills they introduced into the legislative mill had placed onerous duty on them to ensure action was concluded on the bills.
Dogara was of the opinion that it had become imperative to adopt pragmatic measures to ensure that their objectives were met.
He, therefore, implored all relevant committee chairmen to quickly conclude their reports on the various referrals to their committees.
The speaker threatened that committees that persist in inability to meet their referral schedules would be divested of their jurisdiction in respect of such referrals.

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