The Federal Ministry of Health has said that it has certified the visiting football players and officials from Sierra-Leone and Cote D’voire free of Ebola virus.
In a press statement sent to Pilot, Friday, it said that the certification was given at the instance of the Nigeria football Federation (NFF) which is hosting a football match between the two countries in Port-Harcourt on Sunday 6th September, 2015.
The statement read, In line with the ‘No travel restriction’, of the federal government, the necessary routine measures organized at three levels were put in place. This includes the presentation of evaluation report of the Ebola risk status of all the visitors at the point of entry into the country, routine Health screening at the point of entry and the daily Health monitoring of all the visitors throughout the duration of their stay in the country by the State Ministries of Health that the footballers and their officials may wish to visit or playing while in the country.
The ministry said that after the necessary measures was taken by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Port Health Services, the Federal Ministry of Health hereby wishes to State that the visitors from Sierra-Leone and Cote D’voire have not been found to be of Ebola risk to Nigeria.

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