Secretary to the National Planning Commission, NPC, Mr. Bassey Akpanyung, said the federal government created 10, 000 jobs through the State Employment and Expenditure for Results, SEEFOR, project.
He made this known at a workshop in Abuja organised by NPC in collaboration with the four SEEFOR states which are Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers and Edo.
He also said that 121,000 people are accessing other growth enhancing services under numerous informal sector initiatives in targeted communities.
According to him, the project is being funded by the World Bank with concessionary interest free loan of $200 million, it also has a grant element of $100 million from the European Union, EU, which would be implemented over a five year period of 2013-2017.
“The project is aimed at enhancing opportunities for employment and access to socio-economic services, while improving public expenditure management in the participating states,” he noted.
He then added that the role of the informal sector toward the actualisation of Nigeria’s growth and development cannot be overemphasized because it holds the key to unlocking the growth potentials and development that the country envisages.
“Available information from the various studies conducted globally shows that the informal sector contributes 50-55 percent to GDP in Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The sector has contributed 50-80 percent to employment creation in the four SEEFOR Niger Delta states,” he said.
The Edo State Commissioner for Budget Planning and Economic Development, Mr. Lawrence Aghedo, said the informal sector plays a very important role in every society as it gives opportunities to people who are unemployed to earn money through various skills and businesses.

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