FEDERAL government has
reiterated its commitment to
enforce legal metrology laws
in all sector of the economy,
warning that it would not
tolerate anybody to cheat
customers because they are
desperate to get fuel.
Permanent Secretary, Federal
Ministry of Industry, Trade
and Investment, Ambassador
Abdulkadir Musa stated this
when he led an inspection
team of Weights and Measures
Department of the ministry to
enforce legal metrology law
in filling stations for under
dispensing petrol to customers
in Abuja.
Musa assured that it is not only
in the oil sector that Nigerians we
feel the impact of the department
but also in the operation of the
Automated Teller Machine, ATM in the banking sector and
telecommunication as well as
correct measurement in the
“Whatever we are doing now
is to send messages to those
defaulters that we are now
standing on our feet and we
are now going to be effective
in regulating weights and
measurements act in the oil and
gas sector.
“I assure you that what
happened in the past will no
longer be because now, Nigerians
know what we can do. We had
synergise with the oil major
and stakeholders in the sector
and they are well informed of
our statutory responsibilities of
ensuring that trade is fair, correct
and transparent.
”As a Permanent Secretary in
the ministry, I do not belief in
sitting down behind the board
to read report written by my
staff, I wanted to see my men
in action to ensure compliance
with weights and measurements
act and I really commend them
for their dedication and effort in
view of limited funds and staff,”
he stressed.
Director, weights and measures,
Engr. Adeyinka Sikuade,
while addressing journalists
said that it was extremely
disappointing that motorists
were being shortchanged in
the filing stations, saying that
the department will continue
to embark on such exercise
throughout the federation
in order to established that
marketers conform with fairness
and standards.
He said that maximum
permissible error allow at
dispensing pumps is 60 mls.,
adding that the departments in
collaboration with stakeholders
are working on the portion of
the act on penalty that will deter
erring stations from cheating.
“On penalty for defaulters
now, we still have stronger area
that prevents such erring stations
from operating by sealing
them or removing their nozzles
and ensuring that they cannot
conduct any business from such
pumps until it is corrected,”
Sikuade said.
During the inspection visit to
the NNPC filing station at Sabon
Lugbe, one pump was sealed for
re-caliberation while others were
within tolerance level stipulated
by the law.
At the Mobil filling station,
Lugbe, Airport Road, it was
discovered that the management
were short-changing customers
from their two operational
dispensing pumps by 2 litres 69
mls for every 20 litres of petrol
(17.31 as 20 litres) while others
dispensed 18.66 litres for every
20 litres.
Other filing stations inspected
by the team were NNPC stations
at Sabon Lugbe, Durumi, Area
1, and Total filing station along
Herbert Macaulay way, Forte Oil
on Olusegun Obasanjo Way, and
Total filing station at Wuse Zone

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