To tackle challenges in the water and environmental sector in Nigeria, the federal government has concluded plans to partner with the State of Israel to tackle water and environmental challenges in the country.
The decision was taken at a joint conference with the Israeli Embassy, the ministries of water resources and environment in Abuja on wednesday.
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Mr Musa Istifanus, said the ministry was determined to acquire Israeli’s technology to provide solution to water and environmental issues in Nigeria.
“The entire discussion is centred toward the forthcoming conference on Water Technology and Environmental Control, WATEC , coming up in October in Israel. While presenting a paper titled: “Possible Areas of Collaboration with the State of Israel.”
Istifanus said that federal government had taken steps to improve the nation’s water resources and its environment.
According to him, virtually every part of the country has sufficient water, but the challenge was which technology was more suitable for a particular area of the country.
“This is one of the reasons why we desire to collaborate with the State of Israel to further harness our water resources and the environment for more productivity.”
He added that the country needed to acquire Israeli’s skill for improvement.
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Mrs. Nana Mede said the Nigeria government would want to know how Israel had been able to convert its desert land to fruitful land to improve, especially the northern part of the country.
Keynote speaker, Mr Raanan Adin, said that the secret behind Israel’s improvement in its water and environment lied on discovery of technologies.

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