Despite the heart rendering revelations that funds meant for the procurement of military weapons were repeatedly abused, the Federal Government has been urged to expedite action on the release of funds appropriated for security agencies to tackle Boko Haram insurgency.
Federal lawmaker representing Shendam/Mikang/Quam Pan of Plateau State, Mr Johnbull Shekarau, made the appeal in Abuja stressing that it would amount to violation of the provision of the constitution not to release monies approved by the National Assembly for such project.
The lawmaker said refusal to release appropriated funds to tackle insurgency is like giving tacit support to the sect to continue to terrorise the people of North-East as well as destabilise the economic development of the region.
Speaking at the backdrop of the revelation by the Service Chiefs when they appear before the Senate Committee to defend its 2016 defence budget, Shekarau, expressed shock that monies appropriated in the 2015 supplementary budget were yet to be released to them to prosecute the Boko Haram war with.
The Service Chiefs told the Senate committee that apart from paucity of funds to prosecute the war, the funds appropriated by the National Assembly in the 2015 supplementary budget, were yet to get to the military.
“It is lamentable that despite the National Assembly’s passage of the 2015 supplementary budget last year which covers funds for tackling security, the funds are yet to be given to the military”, he lamented noting that it seems Nigeria is paying lip service to fighting insurgency.
He cautioned politicians to desist from using the Boko Haram fight only to win people’s sympathy for votes, adding toying with insurgency would not augur well for the nation.
“If we promised to defeat Boko Haram within stipulated time, and after that period, it is still with us, then something must be fundamentally wrong somewhere and government should address it squarely instead of playing politics with it”, he said.
On the 2016 budget, Shekarawu lamented that, the budget was only a product of the Civil servants and does not take into cognisance the needs of various constituencies.
According to him, “most constituencies that do not have serving Permanent Secretaries were not adequately captured in the budget,” he said.
He was worried that government had to borrow to finance parts of the budget and warned that such borrowed fund should be judiciously used in the interest of Nigerians especially on projects that could empower the people on long-term investments.

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