CITIZENS of the United States of America,
US, working in the Nigerian civil service
have cried out over 9 months unpaid
salaries by the Nigerian Government.
The US citizens have also been evicted by
their landlords while their property have
been seized.
The National Director for High
Performance with the Federal Ministry
of Youths and Sports Development, Dr.
Angie Taylor in a Statement cried out to
the Nigerian Government to come to their
aide as they are being owed over 9 months
salaries and other emoluments.
Taylor said that she and her colleagues
were engaged to work in Nigeria since
November 2013 by the Ministry of Sports,
and expressed disappointment that even as
foreigners, they could be treated in such a
She said, “We have been owed our
salaries sincerely the beginning of January
2016 and it has been very difficult, as some
of us have taken up loans while others have
even gone bankrupt as I speak to you but
the surprising thing is that nobody in the
ministry cares about what we are going
“There are many occasions when we are
aware that they receive allocations and we
approach them, they always told us that
there was no money, this is not good for us
as we all have families in the US, UK and
also here in Nigeria that depends on us.
“We have met with the House Committee
to discuss this lack of payment of our
salaries for over 9 months and for the
additional expected that we have incurred
while working within the ministry and also
for housing rentals because so many of us
have been evicted from our homes by our
Nigerian Landlords as well as personal
properties being seized just in August 2017,
this is how bad we are suffering over this
“We have tried very diligently because we
love this country and we are not trying to
bring any embarrassment to His Excellency
President Buhari, so we decided to work
quietly within the Ministry because we
admit that there is suffering going on in
Nigeria and so we want to be considerate.
“My humble appeal to H. E President
Buhari, the Honourable Minister Barr.
Solomon Dalung and the leadership of the
National Assembly is that they would be
faithful and pay us based upon the legal
binding contract that we signed and have
good faith that they would pay us so that
we can stop the suffering.
“Now we understand how Nigerian
workers are suffering when they are owed
for several months because we are in the
same situation today under the Ministry
of Youths & Sports Development, we are
suffering even though We are foreigners
just like the Nigerians working with us who
don’t have any other means of livelihood
apart from the salaries that they receive
from the Ministry and it is not fair.”
While responding to the consequences of
What this situation may cause Nigeria in the
next major sports tournament, Mrs. Taylor
insisted that despite these salaries’ backlogs,
they have not been deterred as they have
continued to use these personal monies
to fund programs to take care of athletes
because the athletes needed to be taken
good care of as much as possible throughout
the duration of their employment with
the ministry. She said that the possibility
of Nigeria not performing optimally in
the next Common Wealth Games in 2018
remains imminent if this situation persists.

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