The Federal government
through its national social
investment office NSIO
intends to establish eight
technology innovation hubs
around the country with one
in each geo-political zone.
The special adviser
National Social Investment
Programmes, Office of the
Vice President, Mrs. Maryam
Uwais disclosed this at a
media immersion event
in Lagos, she noted that
presently a humanitarian
hub in Adamawa state is
to encourage technology
related ideas on humanitarian
challenges in collaboration
with the ICRC and the
Adamawa state government.
She said that in Lagos, a
climate change innovation
hub is to address renewable
energy challenges, especially
already at an advanced stage,
in partnership with the world
bank and the Lagos business
According to her, “The
Adamawa humanitarian
innovation hub in the north
east to support and build
businesses with ideas that
proffer solutions to the
humanitarian challenges in
the region, opened between
September and December,
2017 with the North East
For early child development,
Uwais said the Federal
government intends to
deliberately invest in
facilitating practical, creative
and innovative skills for
young Nigerians, that would
be the catalyst for Nigerians
emerging knowledge
She explained that
the programme will be
administered during regular
school hours and not as an
after school programme with
3000 N-Power volunteers
selected and trained in CISCO
On the N-Power volunteer
and Job creation programme,
She said that devices loaded
with relevant content and
geo-location specification
have been given to address
the needs in the teaching,
agriculture and health sector
(for graduates), and skill
acquisition, creativity and ICT
knowledge for non graduate.
She said, “200,000 N-Power
graduates have been
successfully deployed and
are being paid in all 36 states
and the FCT. Volunteers have
been engaged for N-Power
Agro, N-Power Tax, N-Power.

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