primaryschoolteacherFederal Government yesterday set up a committee to work out the modalities for its proposed recruitment of 500,000 graduates and National Certificate of Education, NCE teachers for the basic education sub-sector in Nigeria.
In his remarks at the formal inauguration of the Actualisation of Recruitment, Training and Deployment of Graduates and NCE Graduate Teachers for the Basic Education Sub-sector Committee, the Minister of State for Education, Professor Anthony Anwuka, said the committee will undertake the responsibility of repositioning the education sector by diligently working out the processes for realising the federal government’s dream of bringing in more hands in teaching service.
He said the recruitment exercise was in line with the promise of the Buhari administration to engage more teachers for the basic education sub-sector, which was also captured in the 2016 budget.
Anwuka reeled out the terms of reference for the committee, which include setting out the order of remedial and refresher courses for the teachers when they are eventually recruited and ways of sourcing the 500,000 teachers for recruitment.
He said the committee must find out whether this number of prospective teachers can be sourced from already trained NCE and graduate teachers, how they would be distributed to states and what the roles of the states would be in terms of funding the project.
The minister further charged the committee to establish the sustainability of the project, whether it is going to be a continuum or a one-off project, as well as identifying its ownership, state or federal government as education is in the concurrent list.
Further highlighting the mandate of the committee, Prof Anwuka said it must clearly establish the process of training those graduates who have no previous training in teaching and those of them that would need refreshers courses to fit in fully.
“Federal government will need to know how long it will take graduates who have no previous training as teachers to obtain such qualification before their appointment would be confirmed in the event they are recruited on trial basis.
“If the federal government decides to pay N40, 000 monthly salary to each of the 500,000 teachers it will translate to N240 billion which the government must spend annually as salaries,” he said.
Membership of the committee, chaired by the Minister of State for Education include the Permanent Secretary and all Directors of the Ministry, representatives from the basic education sub-sector, representatives of the National Universities Commission, NUC and others.

  • vic

    good move but pay the salaries and pensions of country’s workers and pensioners before the end of each month without spilling into the following month as has been the case for the past 6 months since buhari’s arrival. salaries and pensions are workers’ constitutional right and you should learn to respect those rights and make sure that federal workers get their salaries and pensions well in time. justice delayed is justice denied.