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FG to strengthen routine immunisation



FG to strengthen routine immunisation

Executive Director of National Primary Health Development Health Care Development Agency, NPHCDA, Dr. Faisal Shuaibu has said that the Federal Government and its global partners are strategizing towards strengthening immunisation in the country.

Shuaibu made this known at a three day workshop on Nigeria’s Strategy for Immunisation and PHC System Strengthening, in Abuja.

He said that Nigerians deserve the best in healthcare, adding that the country enjoys a lot of financial support from donor agencies across the globe especially in the area of curbing polio and other child killer diseases.

He said, “We are confident and hopeful that the deliberation over the next few days will take us forward, please have the assurances of the partnership in continuing to provide our support to ensure better health for the children and people of Nigeria.”

He further emphasised that there is the need to strengthen institutions for a happier further of Nigerians.

The Executive Director said, “In all we do, what should be at the back of our minds is how we are going to strengthen institutions that ensures that people that come after us will continue with the good work that we have set in place.”

“It has never been because there were no ideas that were where we are, it is because we have been able to put in place a system that will stand the test of time, which are the accountabilities that are going to be putting in place to ensure that things are really different.”

Shuaib also appreciated the Global Alliance for Vaccines, GAVI, for extending its investment in Nigeria and a fresh donation of a hundred billion dollars for the next ten years, noted that Nigeria and partners are used to pulling their resources together to defeat common threats.

He said “we’re trying to establish a primary health care system in Nigeria, where all Nigerians will go to and they will be treated with respect and dignity, we will not rest, we will not tire, we will not give up, at the NPHCDA and the partnership until we get it right. We have to do something radically different.”

World Health Organization, WHO, Representative Dr. Fiona Braka who spoke on behalf of the partners, said donor agencies were happy with the progress Nigeria is making.

Braka said, “On behalf of the partners, we want to note that we are pleased to be part of this important process, a platform to develop a two year operational plan of the national strategy for immunization and primary health care system strengthening.”

Managing Director of The Global Alliance for Vaccines, GAVI, Dr Othman Khati, Nigeria’s greatest vaccine donor called for more transparency in the management of resources.

Khati said that GAVI and Nigeria need to work together for a sustainable investment by ensuring that the right people are on board to manange the programme for Nigeria in an accountable and transparent manner in the area of funds by donors.

The representative of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, VIO Michelle, said that all hands to be on deck to tackle polio.

“With immunization, it’s always been a shared concern and a shared responsibility and that means everybody in this room has a role to play and partnership is at the core of the what’s going to make a difference in immunization and I think you’ve really brought that here and you’ve got partnership and political commitment and leadership, those are really key ingredients”.

Niger State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Mustapha Jibril on behalf of State Commissioners for Health disclosed that routine immunization in Nigeria is low and that the Government needed to improve on it. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Gavi/CSO, Dr. Ben Anyene, stressed the need to take ownership of immunization for the good of Nigerian children.

Anyene said, “We need to expand this physical space in this country so that immunization should be given a top priority in this country”.

The Chairman of the Governing Board of the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Mr. Attahiru Aliero, appreciated the commitment of partners and urged state governments to compliment what the federal government is doing. “Whatever is done in Abuja if not properly complimented by the states amounts to nothing” He said. Government, partners and donors agree that immunization needs to be prioritized for a healthy Nigerian future. Development partners at the workshop pledged to continue to support Nigeria in providing vaccines that would eliminate polio and other child killer diseases. Nigerian Pilot reports that the workshop would also draw up a two year operational plan development for 2019-2020.

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