Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Delta State, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has advised the federal government to intensify research on alternative energy instead of spending funds exploring oil in the north.
It was reported that the federal government had directed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, to embark on exploration of oil in the north.
Onuesoke said it is a waste of funds conducting exploration for the discovery of oil in the north when other countries are diversifying to less expensive sources of energy like sugar, ethanol, solar energy and electricity driven cars and airplane.
The PDP chieftain argued that when other countries are saving money by conducting research on the discovery of alternative energy, it is now that Nigeria is capitalising on exploring oil as a source of energy and revenue.
“Nigeria has abundant sources of alternative energy such as solar energy, biomass, as well as wind energy. The only problem is that the country does not have the equipment to convert them into power. If that be the case, funds expended in conducting research for exploration should be used to procure equipment for the aforementioned sources of alternative energy,” Onuesoke stressed.
He advised that funds budgeted for searching for oil that is no more marketable should be channeled to research on alternative energy.
“The money government is spending on researching for oil in the north is a waste. We should emulate countries like Mauritius that has been using sugar, ethanol as a source of energy for the past 30 years, America uses solar energy to power unmanned planes and Germany has electric power gas,” he disclosed.
Onuesoke, who pointed out that most countries are now using electric powered energy, said Nigeria should carry out research on how to convert its flared gas to power turbines.
He disclosed that the world is turning against the production of oil because of its pollutant effects and high cost of exploration, adding that gas flaring as pronounced in the Kyoto declaration is against climate change policy.

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