Federal Housing Authority, FHA, said yesterday that it planned to train Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, in Borno on the new
Ram-Earth building technology to enable them reconstruct their homes at ease at the end of the Boko Haram insurgency.
FHA Managing Director, Prof. Muhammad Al Amin stated this while speaking with journalists at Dalori IDP Camp in Maiduguri.
Al Amin said that the object was to make it easier for the IDPs to relocate back home as soon as the insurgency was over.
He said that the training will start with community leaders before expanding to include other members of the communities.
“We are going to start by training 60 community leaders on the technology but the programme is not just training, we want them to appreciate what the technology can do to the communities as a strategy towards imbibing the innovation,’’ Al Amin said.
He said that the gesture was based on the Federal Government directives to the authority to assist the IDPs in reconstructing their communities. “The Federal Government had directed the FHA and Ministry of Land and Housing to engineer action that will rehabilitate the IDPs, to engineer action that will reconstruct their settlements and to help them with new innovative building technology developed by the authority.
He said the authority will collaborate with a non government organization towards reaching out to communities.
“We are working with a National NGO on housing- the Housing Aid for National Development that is going to work with our staff to open extension centers where the IDPs will come and learn the Ram Earth technology for housing construction,’’ Al Amin said.
He said, “The FHA decided to mark the World Habitat day with the IDPs in Borno this year.
He said that the authority will collaborate with a NGO towards reaching out to communities. Al Amin said.
He added: “We have seen the IDPs, we have interacted with them, visited where they sleep, where they cook and where they stay.
“We have seen make-shift schools and worshiping areas that they are staying in.’’
He expressed optimism that the insurgency will soon end.
“We have given the IDPs, the Federal Government glad tidings that soon the challenges of Boko Haram will be over and the reconstruction of their settlements will start.
“It is not only the responsibility of the locals, the Borno or Federal government, but the responsibility of ever Nigerian to come to the aid of these high disadvantaged Nigerians,’’ he said.

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