Fidelity Bank Plc has partnered with the Nigeria Export Promotion Council, NEPC, to drive the Zero2Export project targeted at moving the nation from an import dependent economy to an exporting country.
Speaking at the inauguration of the programme in Lagos at the weekend, Managing Director and Chief Executive of Fidelity Bank, Nnamdi Okonkwo, and Executive Director of the NEPC, Olusegun Awolowo, both stressed the need to grow the volume of Nigeria’s non- oil exports so as to put the economy back on track.
Okonkwo, who noted that the country was at a cross road explained that Nigeria fell into its present dilemma having wasted its scarce foreign exchange on importation of consumer goods that could be produced locally as well as importation of fuel.
Stating that the Zero2Export Project “is one of the important steps that should help us as a people and as a country to come out of the situation we have found ourselves in” he expressed optimism that the push the government to stir productivity in the country “would earn us foreign exchange rather than continue to spend.”
Okonkwo, who thanked the NEPC for the opportunity to develop people noted that Fidelity Bank would also be collaborating with Lagos Business School to run programmes on export management and export leadership institute.
On his part, Awolowo explained that the programe was an integral part of pre-export incentives tailored at equipping potential exporters with the requisite knowledge and practical skills needed to enhance their competitiveness in the market place.
He also stressed that it was “imperative that we double our efforts to achieve Nigeria’s goal of diversification and increased foreign exchange earnings and this is what our three game changers are meant to achieve.
“The importance of the partnership with Fidelity Bank on the Zero2Export Project cannot be over emphasised. The partnership will enhance the much needed capacity build required for export business according to international best practices,” he stated.

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