NIGERIA Football Federation General Secretary, Dr. Mohammed
Sanusi has made comments on FIFA sanctioning Nigeria for lining up an
ineligible player against Algeria on the final day of qualifying matches
for the 2018 World Cup.
Sanusi has admitted that he was aware that Anorthosis Famagusta
right-back Abdullahi Shehu was ineligible for the game in Constantine
and passed on the information to the relevant department but it was not
acted upon by the officer in charge.
‘’Information that is sent usually is sent to the office of the General
Secretary and the relevant departments are being copied for them to
know what is happening,’’ Dr. Mohammed Sanusi said.
‘’We received that communication from Fifa long ago and we sent it to the relevant department for them to take note of.
‘’You will agree with me that the office of General
Secretary is like a clearing house, when information
is sent you now send it to the relevant department
for them to make use of and if there is any progress
they now revert to the office of General Secretary.
‘’That is why we have departments that are in
charge of different segments. We have Technical,
Competitions, we have Accounts.
‘’As I say, we do not want to trade blames here,
we do not want to say this is the one that is at
fault. A committee has been formed and we wait
for the committee to finish their
Nigeria were punished by FIFA
for fielding Abdullahi Shehu,
who was suspended, but this
does not change anything as the
Super Eagles had already qualified
for the World Cup before the
inconsequential match.
The Algerians were awarded a
3-0 win and Nigeria docked one
point for their negligence

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