There are many methods which the current administration may have adopted to enlightening Nigerians about the menace of corruption, this time using postage stamps, writes correspondent,

The Nigerian Postal Services, Rivers Territory, last weekend, launched Anti- corruption Special Postage Stamps. The launch is the agency’s way of keying into the President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption in Nigeria. The programme, which had heads of security agencies, such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Customs, Air force and as well the traditional institution in attendance, also gave way for the inspection of Philatelic stamps. Speaking on the topic: “The Role of NIPOST in the Fight against Corruption”, the area Post Manager, APM, Rev (Mrs) Olayinka Danso, viewed corruption as a willingness to be dishonest or exhibiting wicked behaviors. Danso, who has carried out series of campaigns on the gains of postage stamps since assumption of office about six months ago in Rivers State, argued that corruption has become a threat to Nigeria’s corporate existence. She said: “Corruption and corrupt practices have become so endemic in our body polity that the nation’s corporate existence is being continually threatened. Needless to say that it has impacted negatively on the country’s reputation and created obstacles to local and foreign direct investment. Consequently, the nation’s economic growth, global competitiveness, general development and uplifting of our citizens’ living standards have remained elusive.” The APM reasoned that allowing corruption to strive in Nigeria will aggravate poverty, stressing the need for a collective fight against the menace. She further argued that favouritism, funds mismanagement, indiscipline, and materialism, among others, are corrupt practices that should be avoided in Nigeria. According to her, “As a nation, it is imperative that we fight and get rid of this monster called corruption before it consumes us all. To allow corruption to blossom in our society is to aggravate poverty and inequality.” The APM continued: “Government is therefore, leaving no stone unturned in adopting strategies and methods of combating it. The strategy adopted by NIPOST through the design and production of the Commemorative Special Stamps on Anti- corrption to fight against corruption as the Nigerian Postal Services Rivers Territory is demonstrating today is therefore highly commended. “Postage stamps are regarded all over the world as one of the most effective means of Public Relations tool that are capable of supplying information and creating optimum public awareness and understanding. The issuance of these postage stamps in support of the Anti-corruption crusade
underscores the role of NIPOST in the socio-economic development of Nigeria.” While thanking the Post Master-General of the Federation, Barr Bisi Adegbuyi for his visionary leadership of NIPOST, Rev Danso added that the postage stamps will be a continued reminder on the ills of corruption and the need to eliminate it in Nigeria. Also speaking, the Head, Public Affairs of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, South/South, Mr Dele Oyewale, attributed Nigeria’s economic woes to curroption and corrupt practices. According to him, there is  no word in the dictionary today to adequate define corruption in Nigeria. He said: “If you look at the state of our roads, the state of our hospitals, the state of our infrastructure, the state of our youths, our life expectancy as a people. When we look at the overall ecosystem; the social ecosystem, the economic ecosystem, the political ecosystem in Nigeria, we will not be in confusion that we are where we are today because of corrupt practices. “Today an average family is like a municipal government. It generates its own water, it generates its own road, it generates its own electricity because what ordinarily should go to all of us, our homes, our communities are not there because of corrupt practices. “Today the state of our youths, we know what is happening, the rate of unemployment in our nation. Our children go to school and are out of school they still remain at home because there are no jobs. Why are there no jobs, there are no jobs because the opportunity that ordinarily will be available for them to get jobs have been squandered by people who at one point or the other have been given the  trust to govern us as a nation. So there is no word in the dictionary sufficient enough for us to
adequately define corrupt practices in Nigeria.” He submitted that Nigeria is in a war situation because of corruption. “The challenges corruption poses on all of us is that one, we are in a war situation. It might not be a shooting war; we may not be using missiles, we may not be using arrows, we may not be using guns but the truth of the matter is that today as a nation, we are in a war situation. All the indices of growth, all the indices of development, all the indices of progress that are working in other nations, they are not working in Nigeria. “We must not regard the corruption issue as issues that are given to one tribe, one religion, one political party, one entity. Corruption is across every divide. Every one that is corrupt is a risk to all of us and we must collectively expose them. We must not shield them; we must have no empathy for whoever that is corrupt because we are going to collectively suffer the defect of corrupt practices. “If we desire very robust future; yes we can pray, yes we can invest, but if we don’t fight corruption today in spite of our prayers, in spite of our savings, in spite of our investment, inspire of our hostilities, there will be no future. Anti-corruption fight is not a vindictive fight. The law does not know anybody”, he stated. On his part, the Secretary to the Rivers State Government (SSG), Kenneth Kobani, stated that the State government supports the fight against corruption. Kobani, who was represented by the Head, SSG (Main), Mr Victor Orji- Abadua, assured that the State government will ensure that the fight against corruption through the special stamp is a success. “Rivers State Government is truly behind anti- Corruption to ensure that this particular activity is a success. We will support it in any way we are called upon,” he said.

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