Cohon Anyanwu, a film director has described entertainment as a tool for fighting corruption via film production.

In an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja, he said corruption had become one of the most widespread social evils in Nigeria that must be checked.

The film director noted that in most nations, corruption had an economic and social dimension that was checked by all means, film production inclusive.

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Anyanwu said entertainers could help in the fight against corruption by producing high standard films on effects of corruption.

He said in this regard he was using film as an agent of change by working on a film production with the concept of changing the mentality of Nigerian on corruption.

“We started this film two years ago with 52 episodes before pushing it on air; I gave dramatic expression on how we can fight corruption through the nuclear family; the smallest unity of the society.

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“If we cannot deal with corruption from the family, definitely it will be difficult to deal with it at the leadership level,’’ he observed.

Anyanwu urged parents and teachers to see themselves as agents of change and join in the fight against corruption by educating the children on the effects of corruption.

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“Parents and teachers have a lot to contribute to this phenomenon because children always remember what they teach them in school or at home.

He added that Nigerians must stand up to their responsibilities to fight corruption and to strengthen existing anti-graft institutions.(NAN)