KOREAN Cultural Centre
in Nigeria yesterday kicked
off the second edition of the
Association of Southeast
Asian Nations, ASEAN, film
festival in Abuja, with the
unveiling of its remodelled
exhibition hall to the public.
The remodelled exhibition
hall shows a wide variety
of Korean culture such as
Korean alphabets ‘Hangeul,’
Korean entertainments
‘Hallyu,’ Korean national
attire ‘Hanbok,’ Korean
traditional house ‘Hanok,’
and Korean mask for dance
troupes ‘Tal.’
Korean Ambassador to
Nigeria, Noh Kyu-duk in
his speech said the new
exhibition hall was now
more interactive and offered
the visitors a better feel of
what Korean culture is all
about, saying “at the K-Pop
stand, you can watch videos
of K-Pop stars on tablets
and at the miniature Korean
house you can have Korean
While expressing his
gratitude to the Nigerian
government for the support
the centre has been receiving
throughout the seven years it
has existed in the country, he
disclosed that the centre had
been promoting numerous
exchange of programmes
in arts and culture, sports,
education and media
between Korea and Nigeria.
“As it has been in the past,
this facility will be available
for programs and events
that intend to promote
cultural activities in Abuja.
We will continue to work
towards promoting greater
and deeper understanding
amongst us,” Kyu-duk said.
The Minister of State for
Foreign Affairs, Khadija
Bukar Abba Ibrahim, while
giving her speech traced
the history of ASEAN
and congratulated them
for marking the 50th
anniversary this year in
She said that economic
acceleration and cultural cooperations
and diplomacy by
ASEAN should be emulated.
The minister was clear
that Nigeria’s relationship
with ASEAN was warm and
cordial, characterised by
increasing level of trade and
commerce; and that Nigeria
was ready to take relations
to greater heights and
work closely to resolve all
outstanding issues through
joint commissions.
Nigerian Pilot reports
that the ASEAN Film
Festival will feature movies
from Thailand, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Vietnam,
Philippines, South Korea
from April 19 to 26, 2017.
South Korea, though not
not a member of ASEAN, is
hosting the festival.