A Financial Analyst, Dr Uju Ogubunka, on Thursday, urged entrepreneurs in Nigeria to embrace modern technology as one of the ways to improve and sustain their businesses.
Ogubunka, a former Executive Secretary, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria CIBN, told the News Agency NAN in Lagos that adopting newer technology was important to meet with dynamic business world.
He said that entrepreneurs needed to be more innovative and move with the current trends to survive in the prevailing economic challenges.
“In this present time, our business owners need to be more inventive and move with the dynamics of the time to be able to carry on in business as they are more people providing similar services.
“Entrepreneurs should explore other platforms which are available at their disposal to make their products more competitive and appealing to their clients,’’ he said.
According to Ogubunka, owners of business in the country should be more visionary and have a blueprint on the ways that their business would be expanded to new frontiers.
He also said that businesses would grow to outlive the proprietors if they entrenched corporate governance in their organisations.
“Corporate governance is the game changer for many small firms because it enables them to keep their books intact and balance the varying interest in any organisation.
“Many organisations which seemed to be willing to move to the next level should imbibe the ethics of corporate governance,’’ he said.

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