Federal Fire Service, FFS, has warned against the purchase and use of fake fire extinguishers, stressing the dangers inherent in such substandard product.
Consequently, the FFS disclosed plans to embark on an aggressive grassroots consumer sensitisation campaign to educate the public on the hazards of using substandard fire extinguishers very soon.
Comptroller-General of the service, Anebi Garba said in a statement yesterday that the campaign was to discourage indiscriminate importation, sales and use of substandard fire extinguishers.
According to Garba, the campaign entitled ‘Vehicle Fire Safety Campaign,’ will be launched nationwide to sensitise the public, especially the motorists, on how to handle vehicle fire incidents.
Part of the statement reads: “This is part of efforts to enlist the support of Nigerians, particularly importers and vendors of fire extinguishers in the fight against fake and substandard fire extinguishers.”
The FFS boss decried inadequate enlightenment campaign, which he said had further increased the rate of incidences of fire outbreak across the country, even as he lament the arbitrary importation, unauthorised vendors of fire extinguisher and lack of technology that would enable the public to identify genuine fire extinguishers, which he said had caused loss of lives and property to fire.
Garba revealed that efforts had been put in place to provide product verification platform that would help the public to detect fake fire extinguishers, and that the efforts would also stimulate other law enforcement agencies to comply with fire fighting procedures in commercial places, homes, offices, markets and vehicles.

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