Chief Executive Officer, ARCO Group Plc, Chief Alfred Okoigun has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to lay more emphasis on giving sound education and infrastructural development to Niger Delta people.
Chief Okoigun gave the charge when he spoke to State House correspondents yesterday.
He said, rather than giving out money to some individuals, the President should focus more on developing the region.
Okoigun also urged Buhari to give proper training to the beneficiaries of amnesty programme, “and not to give one contractor one contract and he would say he is training some people, takes so much money and the people do not really benefiting much.”
He also called on Buhari to create the enabling environment for the nation’s economy to thrive.
Okoigun continued: “With his (Buhari) coming in, we have seen the euphoria that greeted it, everybody wants to identify because there are lots of opportunities here. Before now, everyone was watching us squandering it and wondering what was wrong with us but with the commitment coming from the president today I think he is helping to motivate each and every one of us.
“My expectation is for government to create that platform where one cannot hold back one’s capabilities. You can aspire to be anything and you will be because you work hard and you can go far.
“That is why we have to support the president and his team and other arms of government to succeed; we have to contribute our quota.”

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