A LEADING global provider of
a complete PET packaging lines
and solutions for liquids led by
Sidel said Nigeria is expected to
grow the beverage industry at an
annual growth rate of 10.8 percent
in 2019.
Nigeria’s market is currently
at 27.2 billion liters with water
leading future volume increase,
with a Compound Annual Growth
Rate, CAGR of 11.1 per cent.
Both Nigeria and Ghana in
recent years have proven to be fastgrowing
markets in the beverage
Ghana’s market stands at 675
million litres with CSD and bottle
water leading future volume
“With the packaging industry
gaining momentum in Nigeria
and other neighbouring countries,
sub-Saharan market has grown
to become a very competitive
marketplace with a strong
consumer demand on value-added
beverage products.
“With Nigeria being one of
Africa’s most important economies
with a huge population that is
growing at a tremendous rate,
innovation and technology are
key to gaining that competitive
edge,” Dominique Martin, regional
commercial director for Africa,
According to a release recently
after a day ‘value creation day’
for its customers in Nigeria and
Ghana held in Lagos State where
it discussed local trends in the
beverage packaging industry,
developments and opportunities
for growth.
Speaking with journalists
during the interview session,
Martin said geo-political, security
considerations, among others,
affect the level of investment in the
Consequently, Sidel offers new
technologies and services including
after-sales solution, starting from
maintenance to spare parts and
competence development.
“Through our ‘value creation
day,’ we are able to showcase
our understanding of the local
environment and the global
challenges that can arise in many
aspects. Hence, our customers are
always in need of a global partner
but with deep local expertise.
“Our event is designed
specifically to enable our many
and varied customers in Nigeria
and Ghana to understand better,
how we may help them overcome
this endeavour. Not only will we
present the latest PET innovations
but we will also focus very heavily
on what services we can offer, not
only from our global organisation
but also from our substantial local
base here in Nigeria, creating value
all the way,” Martin said.

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