THE Industrial Court
yesterday in Makurdi, Benue State,
left customers stranded when it
disrupted the activities of First Bank
for over six hours in its bid to enforce
a court judgement.
Nigerian Pilot gathered that the
court had given judgment in favour
of a former staff of the bank, Ruth
Amelia Adah who alleged she was
wrongfully disengaged and asked
the bank to pay her over N12.4
million damages.
The judgment which was issued
on 12th July, 2017 ordered the bank
to pay latest by 16th October, 2017.
However, as at yesterday (11th
December, 2017), the bank was yet
to effect payment, a situation which compelled the court to enforce its
In doing that, staffs of the court
and policemen flooded the main
office of First Bank, Makurdi as early
as 8:30am.
This development forced the bank
to shut out customers from 8:30 am
to about 3:10pm when this report
was compiled.
The situation gave rise to
speculation that the bank may be
facing some form of crisis, since
customers were not briefed about the
As soon as staffs of the court
arrived the bank premises, they
went to work by pasting court orders
on most of the vehicles with the
intention of impounding same.
They had also come prepared with
a tow van and a crane that would be used to tow the vehicles in the
process of enforcement
The court staff immediately made
attempts to dismantle the generating
set that powers the bank equipments,
probably with the aim of crippling
the activities of the bank.
The process of enforcement
pitched the bank and officials of the
court against themselves, as tempers
ran haywire and voices raised to an
inelastic peak even as they almost
went for each other’s jugular.
Counsels to the bank and that
of the plantiff raised allegations
and counter accusations against
each others during the quarrel that
Efforts to get comments from the
bank was rebuffed as a staff, Sahiru
Micah bluntly said: “We did not
invite the media.”

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