In the last few days, all manner of falsehood have been bandied by the defeated Rivers State APC on the massive infrastructural development in the state. As a hurting opposition, the Rivers APC are naturally expected to cry. However, their crocodile tears should not be at the expense of the development of Rivers State.
Almost on a daily basis, sponsored agents of the party release false information on the economic policies of Governor Nyesom Wike. Of course, they use their accomplices in the media to drum their falsehood repeatedly. One wonders why their accomplices refuse to ask the very basic questions each time their benefactors tell them to orchestrate media falsehood against the people of Rivers State.
In a programmed false propaganda agenda was started by the defeated Rivers State APC Governorship Candidate, Dakuku Peterside during an illegal campaign rally , before the party’s multiple – speak Chairman, Davies Ikanya and their troubled spokesman, Fineborne took over. Since then, the Rivers APC has worked unsuccessfully to create a negative picture with a view to discrediting the State Government.
The latest game plan of the lies-hugging party is to attempt the vilification of taking of loans to finance development projects. They have continued to cry wolf at every turn, claiming that it is evil to take loans.
The truth remains. The immediate past administration in Rivers State left the state bankrupt. The Rivers State APC deliberately emptied the state treasury into private pockets, thinking that their thievery would stop the development agenda of Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike .
Former Governor Rotimi Amaechi during a thanksgiving service before Governor Wike’s administration was inaugurated declared that the then governor-elect, Chief Nyesom Wike, was in for a difficult times as there would be no money to run the state.
Without mincing words, the former Governor publicly confessed to the devilish plot to cripple Rivers State under Governor Wike. What they failed to realise was that Governor Wike was prepared with a blueprint that included financing alternatives to fast track development in the state. Obtaining loans for development purposes is a well established development approach as long as the loans are tied to specific projects and repayment methods spelt out. For Governor Wike, all his actions in government have been guided by the rule of law and due process. He has never taken any loan without observing the approved protocols.
The Rivers State APC wants Governor Wike to leave the state in the condition of retrogression that former Amaechi left it. They want a situation where the present administration will have nothing to show for the time spent in office. Unfortunately for them, the incumbent governor is a performer with the relevant administrative skills and experience to enhance the development of the state. He will not be drawn into unnecessary street talk on issues that concern the welfare of Rivers people.
The loans taken so far by the Rivers State Government have been targeted at specific projects, clearly marked. With over 70 kilometres of roads already completed in four local government areas and another over 50 kilometres of roads undergoing reconstruction in four urban local government areas in the state, Governor Wike has judiciously used state resources.
His administration was offered the Federal Government bailout funds, which was rejected after due consultation with leaders of the state. Managing state resources prudently, he cleared months of salaries and pensions owed by Former Governor Amaechi. He has completed several projects abandoned by former Governor Amaechi, opened the courts and restored the dignity of governance in Rivers State.
Addressing the Nigerian Lawyers during the recent Nigerian Bar Association, National Executive Committee ( NEC ) meeting in Port Harcourt, Governor Wike stated: “We expect the opposition to also acknowledge the fact that these are financially challenging times for the entire country, and Rivers State is not different.
“Therefore, there is nothing wrong in obtaining loans from financial institutions to fund development projects, address critical challenges and advance our road to progress and prosperity. We will not allow the easy lure of indifference in the midst of daunting challenges to cloud our sense of mission, to dull our determination or to slow our march towards a New Rivers State.”
Governor Wike is working for the people of Rivers State. The direct beneficiaries of his developmental strides appreciate his work. Those desperate to create distraction are merely wasting their time.
If the Rivers State APC thinks that the only way they can remain relevant in the Rivers polity is to hatch and circulate lies, it means that they would be in the political wildernesses for a long while. The party decimated the resources of Rivers State through the funding of worthless national political schemes. The least the Rivers State APC can do is to apologise to the people of the state for deliberately stealing state resources and for leaving nothing on ground as achievements.

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Nwakaudu, Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media wrote in from Port Harcourt

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