The outgoing governor of Rivers State Mr Rotimi Amaechi thinks that he owns God. He drops the name of God at every corner, shouting on rooftops claiming very shockingly that he owns God.
The most recent claim of God ownership was on Sunday, May 17 during the thanksgiving service held in honour of the outgoing governor in Port Harcourt. Live on national television, Mr Amaechi claimed that Rivers State governor-elect, Barrister Nyesom Wike owns INEC, the police and other security agencies, but he (Amaechi) owns God. This is the height of hypocrisy and blasphemy.
Amaechi went further to insinuate that he owns the tribunal as he declared that his political godson, Mr Peterside would be made governor through the tribunal.
The outgoing governor continues to ride on the waves of falsehood and propaganda because those who pretend to be civil society practitioners and some media practitioners have resolved to look elsewhere while Amaechi repeatedly rapes Rivers State.
On Sunday May 17, Amaechi also gave a lame excuse why he has starved Rivers people by denying civil servants and pensioners months of salaries. This was the first time that Amaechi publicly agreed that he has failed to pay salaries. In the recent past, Amaechi had claimed that he was up to date in terms of payment of salaries. His lame excuse was that he resolved to pay countless loans he took instead of paying workers. Concluding before a shocked audience, Amaechi without remorse declared that he is waiting to see how Barrister Wike will succeed in the face of dwindling state revenue.
Hear Amaechi: “I’m not joking, we have no money anywhere. In Rivers State, no money. I think Nyesom Wike is coming, we are waiting. He will look for money for salary; there is none…..but when he pays out salary, we will see if any of them can build the schools, even to get a loan”.
Amaechi’s submissions at his end of tenure thanksgiving service prove that he places his personal ambition above the interest of the people of Rivers State. For an outgoing governor to wish that his successor fails to meet the expectations of the people is to say the least, regrettable. His administration has left the state in massive debt despite getting over N3trillion with no meaningful projects on ground to show for it. The level of corruption under Amaechi has crippled Rivers State and that is the gospel truth.
In Rivers State, the people know the reality on ground. That is why they overwhelmingly voted for Barrister Wike on April 11. That decision was based on the fact that they want a leader that can break away from the Amaechi years of despair with the political will to find solutions to all the problems created by a leader ruled by his whims.
Whether Amaechi likes it or not, Rivers State will make progress under Barrister Wike despite his prophecy of doom. Barrister Wike will revive the judiciary, make the legislature functional again and rebuild the key structures of the executive already demoralised by the failure of Amaechi. Barrister Wike will embark on sustainable development of infrastructure, empowerment of the people of the state, attracting foreign direct investments, restoration of security of lives and property and making Rivers State a destination of choice. He will make the state economy functional again.
It is unfortunate that all Amaechi’s tales by moonlight have ended in countless excuses. Amaechi has left a legacy of falsehood. He has left Rivers people in a very precarious position with a comatose economy.
Amaechi’s belief that he owns God has failed him. Over the last two years, he has viciously used government agencies to attack the person of Barrister Wike. He has over the years unleashed media terror on Barrister Wike, attempting to assassinate his personality and declaring that over his dead body would the governor-elect emerge. He infiltrated the PDP during the governorship primary, but Rivers people stood their ground. They did same during the election.
With apologies to star musician, Korede Bello, “And if you win election, Na Godwin “. Amaechi should understand that God has spoken. He has seen the hearts of all contestants and he has chosen Barrister Wike. Like our native philosophers always say; “If men were God”. The outgoing governor cannot assume the position of God in Rivers State. The voice of the people of Rivers State is the voice of God in this matter. They have spoken in favour of the governor-elect.
The race to rebuild Rivers State is on. Finally, Amaechi admitted that Barrister Wike will take over governance on May 29 after failed attempts to procure illegal injunctions to stop the inauguration of the elected governor.
The Amaechi era has ended in sadness for the people of Rivers State. Since he was unable to deliver, he should hold his peace and allow the God-ordained elected governor who has been confirmed by the people to develop the state.
The battle is the Lord’s. And God has won. God’s victory in this governorship election is Wike’s victory. He will serve out his term. Here, we are used to Amaechi’s usual empty boasts. When reality dawns, he quietly travels out.

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Nwakaudu, SA media to Rivers state governor-elect, wrote in from PH

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