Federal Government has been advised that adoption of force in the resolution of the ongoing Niger Delta crisis will not produce the required result.
A former member of the House of representatives Alhaji Bala Adamu Kuta who gave the advice in Minna on Monday while fielding questions from newsmen, said using military force to quell the militancy in the region would only aggravate the problem and throw the country into more problems.
Adamu Kuta who represented Shiroro Munya and Rafi local government areas in the National assembly between 2007 and 2011 urged President Muhammadu Buhari to reconsider the current policy and settle for the dialogue option.
In the same vein, Kuta said the Niger Delta militants should down their arms and meet the government on the conference table where the issues militating against the development of the area would be discussed and amicable solution found.
‘What peace and dialogue cannot solve, taking up of arms and ammunition cannot be the solution’ Bala Adamu Kuta declared.
‘The way out of this problem is not the use of force, but dialogue. Both parties should come to the negotiating table and understand each other, he said. He stated that Federal government should appreciate that ‘there is problem in the Niger Delta region and give firm assurances that these problems would be looked into immediately.
On the part of the militants, the former legislator said they should realize that continued bombing of oil installations would not be in the interest of the region and the country, because they area would be exposed to more pollution and other dangers that would affect the lives of the people they are trying to defend.
He said the commencement of the clean-up of the Ogoni land last week by the federal government should be an assurance to the militants that the federal government was determined to correct the wrongs of the past in the area.
Commenting on the general security situation in the country, Bala Adamu Kuta said Nigerians should learn ‘to be their brothers keepers’ and avoid sectionalism, tribalism, religious differences, and also feel the pains of each other’ while also advocating for the sustainable unity of Nigeria through the encouragement of inter-marriage between people of different tribes in the country.
The former federal legislator blamed the present economic hardship in the country on massive corruption perpetrated by operators of past administrations in the country, but said with the steps taken so far, the country would soon return to the old period of economic buoyancy.