PSC redeploys promotes AIGS, 37 CPS

IN WHAT can be described
as brazen display of impunity
and misuse of power, the
immediate past Chief of Naval
Staff, CNS, Usman Oyibe Jibrin,
and his wife have been accused
of attempting to forcefully take
away the land, Plot No. 95,
Gbazango Extension Scheme,
Kubwa, measuring about
1500msq belonging to one
Mr. Monsodi Lawrence, and
upon his resistance, sending
naval ratings to abduct and
assassinate him.
Surprisingly, Mr. Lawrence
was abducted right in front
of the office of the Area
Commander, Nigeria Police
Force, Kubwa after he missed
death by the whiskers. His
bullet ridden Pathfinder Jeep
marked GWA 252 DR is still
parked at the Nigeria Police
Force Area Commander’s
office, in Kubwa as at the time
of filing this report.
Recalling his ordeal, Mr
Lawrence said, “Precisely on
April 4, 2016 the wife of former
chief of naval staff, Mrs. Jibrin
Oyibe Usman threatened to
send her stooges after me to
deal with me. These threats
were issued after I put a call
to her concerning my piece
of land, with the description:
Plot no. 96 of about 15000m2 at
Gbazango Extension scheme
Kubwa, which she and her
husband Admiral Jubrin Oyibe
Usman asked their boys to
fence without my knowledge
and permission.
“Immediately after her
threats, one naval officer, Ali
Abdulsallam started sending
me empty text messages and
every attempt to get him to
pick my calls failed.
Later on one Dauda called
me and threatened that he will
get me that night. On April 8,
2016 at about 1pm, I received a
call from the supervisor on site
that some officers who refused
to divulge their identity had
stopped the workers at my site
and threatened to hand cuff
workers and carry them away.
“Coincidentally the number
my supervisor sent turned
out to be the phone number of
naval officer Ali Abdulsallam
who has being sending me
empty text messages. Ali
Abdulsallam kept insisting
that I should come to the site
with my land documents
despite my asking that we meet
before a relevant authority; he
kept insisting I come to the
property with my document.
“I eventually agreed to meet
with them at the site after I
had laid an official complaint
at Kubwa divisional police
station and police patrol team
dispatched to accompany me
to the site and invite them to
the station.”
At the station, both parties
were told to state their case.
According to Mr Lawrence,
he suddenly discovered he
didn’t lock his car, and that
his documents were in the
vehicle, so he excused himself
to go and lock the car. It was
at this stage that one Okon JJ
whispered to an armed naval
rating to mark him.
He said shortly after he
opened the car, and attempted
to pick the documents, the
armed naval rating ordered
him to quietly pull out the
vehicle but he challenged the
rating that he was not about
to drive out but to pick his
documents, an action that
angered the rating, who started
shooting at the car severally.
The gunshots attracted
policemen from the station,
and before they could get
to the scene of the incident,
the ratings had bundled him
into the Toyota Camry car,
the lawyer, and attempted to
abduct his staff too, but the
second abduction was aborted
by the police.
According to Lawrence,
he was then driven to the
Naval Quarters in Kubwa, but
when they got to the gate, an
argument ensued between the
naval officers.
Some of them argued that
they could not go on with
their initial plan since his staff
was not abducted along with
him and that his staff would
sing even if they were able to
“settle” the police.
It was at this point that
a call came from the Area
Commander who asked them
to immediately return with the
They therefore moved the
matter back to the Kubwa
Police Station, but this time
before the Area Commander’s
office which was in the same premises.
According to police sources,
the Area Commander,
Assistant Commissioner of
Police, ACP Arungwa ordered
the lawyer and the naval rating
who was directly involved to
be locked up, while the car was
towed to the police premises.
Contacted for comments,
Okon JJ who was alleged to
have given the order to the
naval rating to shoot told our
correspondent, “Let the Police
call the people concerned.”
Ali Abdulsalam however
warned our correspondent,
“Don’t call this line again. Are
you a uniform person?”
Several calls to the
personal GSM number of
the Area Commander were
not answered. When a text
message was eventually sent
to him explaining to him the
need to get his own side of the
story, he however replied that
he was in a meeting and would
call back but never did, nor
pick his calls again.
Investigations however
revealed that the police in
Kubwa arrested the lawyer
after the kidnap/assassination
attempt, but released him after
taking his statement.
The detailed personnel to
the former chief of naval staff
refused to give his statement to
the police so were thrown into
the cell too. He was however
released the next day being
April 9, to a naval officer who
came for him.
Mr Lawrence’s lawyer then
wrote a petition to the present
Chief of Naval Staff dated
April 14, 2016, upon which
the Provost on April 14, sent a
senior naval officer to the Area
Command, Kubwa to ascertain
genuineness of the allegations.
The police is yet to invite
the former chief of naval staff
and his wife, Ali Abdulsallam,
Okon JJ and Moses Kembi is
yet to produce the gunman.
The Director of Information,
Nigerian Navy, Chris Ezekobe
however told our reporter that
he was unaware of the matter,
but asked for the details to be
sent to his email.
He then assured he would
get back to our reporter as
he had sent the details of the
matter to the Provost Marshal
for action.
The Police Public Relations
Officer, PPRO, FCT Command
however said he cannot
speak on the matter until
he gets clearance from the
Commissioner of Police, CP.
Meanwhile, Mr Lawrence
has called on the authorities
and to the president to come
to his rescue so that he can
keep his land and his life. “I
am calling on all the relevant
authorities as well as President
Muhammadu Buhari to please
come to my aid so that these
people will leave my land and
my life alone. It is all I have;
they have several and have
the means to acquire as many
more as they may wish, so why
will they want to kill me for
just this one I have? He cried.

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