Nigerian Turkish International Colleges Foundation, NTICF, has begun the feeding of underprivileged worshippers across the country.
The programme involves feeding over 5,000 fasting Muslims daily to break their fast, apart from providing over 6,000 relief packs to internally displaced persons and other needy ones.
The packages were distributed to worshippers who gathered at the National Mosque, in commemoration of the Ramadan.
Coordinator of the programme, Mr. Behlul Fafih Basaran, said, “The period of Ramadan is the period to express love toward mankind, a period to live in peace and harmony with one another and spiritual development.”
Behlul said the essence of giving food to fasting Muslim youths is a way of showing love and concern to those who may not have food to eat after the breaking of the Ramadan fast.
“More than one thousand Muslim brothers and sisters are being fed on daily basis after the breaking of Ramadan fast, although in some days, the demand is higher than the supply,” he said.
“We are making plans to ensure we meet the demand of everyone, most especially on Fridays, when we normally have high number of people,” he added.
He said the programme was sponsored by patriotic individuals and had been extended to major centres in states like Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Yobe and others, with over 5000 daily beneficiaries across the states.
One of the Abuja beneficiaries, Mr. Isah Kuli, expressed his appreciation to the NTICF for its generosity and urged fellow believers to learn the habit of giving during Ramadan, adding that it should be seen as the period of reconciliation and spiritual cleanings.
Another beneficiary, Alhaji Salisu, said, “I remain grateful to Allah for the divine provision and I pray that Allah should double the portion of blessing of those who by one way or the other, contributed to the success of this programme.
“The programme, to me, is the fulfilment of what is written in Qur’an, that anyone who gives out alms to his brother will receive a double portion of his blessing.”

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