A pro-democracy and nongovernmental
Human Rights Writers
Association of Nigeria, HURIWA,
has accused the Presidency of
deliberately sabotaging the petrol
supply chains in a bid to blackmail
Nigerians to accept pump price
Also, the Rights group has
condemned the clear case of
being ‘bought over’ by federal
government of the two hitherto
most critical civil society
stakeholders – the Nigerian Labour
Congress(NLC) and the Trade
Union Congress (TUC) which
has compelled the compromised
hierarchies to remain silent in the
face of massively phenomenal
suffering; agonies and pains by
the masses in the face of artificially
induced and State sponsored
scarcity of petroleum products all
across Nigeria.
In a media statement by the
National Coordinator Comrade
Emmanuel Onwubiko and the
National Media Affairs Director
Miss Zainab Yusuf, HURIWA
has therefore called on President
Muhammadu Buhari and Dr.
Ibe Kachikwu to step down
immediately as senior and
junior ministers of petroleum
for consistently failing to bring
the deliberate sabotage of petrol
supply chains in the last two
months to an effective halt.
Besides, HURIWA said empirical
evidences are unambiguous even
to the undiscerning citizens that
the duo of President Buhari and
Kachikwu are grossly incompetent
and lack the capacity to ensure the
smooth distribution of petroleum
products all across the country
even as the policing institution is
so heavily compromised, grossly
indisciplined, and rudderless to
effectively check the persistent
criminal hoarding in a very
systematic way of the petroleum
products by centripetal and
centrifugal forces in the petroleum
subsector of the economy.
HURIWA further blamed the
security forces such as the Nigerian
customs services and immigration
for dereliction of duty which has
allowed all shades of criminal
gangs to embark and engage in
the bonanza and evil enterprise of
smuggling of petroleum products
to neighboring nations whereby
these merchants of death make
unjustifiable profits.
“President Buhari who is the
self-imposed senior petroleum
minister and his subordinate
Dr. Kachikwu have collectively
demonstrated an intolerable
level of incompetence and nonchallance
which have allowed
criminal forces to dictate the phase
of fuel supply networks.
HURIWA condemned
the inability of the current
administration to fix the four
refineries so as to increase and
improve their refining capacities to
be able to meet with the increasing
local demands even as the Rights
group blamed selfish commercial
benefits for the deliberate refusal
of government to introduce
transparency and accountability
in the petroleum industry but has
allowed organized criminal gangs
to continue to ride roughshod
on the legitimate demands of
Nigerians for affordable premium
motor spirit.
“The masses must take their
destiny in their hands and mobilize
themselves in smaller numbers
to shout to High Heavens and
demand immediate change of the
hardship being inflicted on all of
us by officials of government and
merchants of petrol who are only
out to enrich their pockets. The
Labour Unions have been settled.
Most of us in the civil society
community have being bribed to
keep quiet even as others have
been driven underground due
to economic depression and the
insecurity that have become the
order of the day. Nigerians must
fight their own battle now”.

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