Fuel scarcity rather than abating, seems to be biting harder on Nigerians, it is even more worrisome in the federal capital Territory FCT, the seat of power.
Nigerian Pilot’s visit to some Filling Stations within the FCT, revealed long queues and motorists complaining bitterly of having spent quality time at those filling stations visited.
At the Area 10 in the Abuja municipal Area Council, AMAC, the long queue witnessed there was so appalling that, some sections of roads there were blocked to the detriment of other road users who were not even buying fuel, it took the intervention of some Policemen attached to the area to restore normalcy on the roads.
According to a motorist John Ojo, ‘I have been on this queue for more than two hours, there was a time they told us fuel has finished, some left and those of us who decided to stay back are the ones you are seeing in the front now. We are really praying that we get the fuel to buy because we have spent quality time here’.
The situation was however not different at the NNPC mega filling station at the Olusegun Obasanjo way, according to a motorist, Femi Jegede, ‘I have been on the queue for the past forty minutes, I’m just hoping that it should get to my turn so that I leave this place, as there are other things one needs to attend to other than coming to a filling station to line up; when ordinarily you should just drive in and buy’.
Another motorist Emeka Iheanacho, ‘we are the one that said we wanted change, but you journalist and Nigerians can see the type of changes we are seeing, when you have to spend almost three four hours at filling stations before you can get fuel, we are just tired of the entire system; the economy is bad, nothing seems to be moving and here we are again on the queue for fuel – may God save this country’.

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