Fuel Scarcity in Abuja
Fuel Scarcity in Abuja

National President, Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, RTEAN, Alhaji Shehu I Musa has called for an independent taskforce that will monitor the sales of fuel in filling stations across the federation to avoid hoarding of the product by dealers.
Musa, who made the call yesterday during an interview with Nigerian Pilot in Abuja, noted that some dealers are hoarding the product and selling at night to black marketers who sell in jerry canes for selfish reasons.
The president said “I want the government to constitute a taskforce that comprises key stakeholders like RTEAN, National Union of Road Transport Workers, UNRTWs, States Security Services, SSS, the Nigerian Police Force and the military who will be going round the filling stations to monitor the distribution and sales of fuel in ensuring that they do not hoard the product for selfish interest”.
Musa, said the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPRs may not be able to go round the nation to monitor the activities of dealers and retailers who are in the habit of hoarding the product and leaving untold hardship on motorists and commuters who are force to pay as high as N 180 per litre for the product.
According to him,” I was on my way from Bauchi to Abuja; I saw a filling station that was selling fuel to black marketers in jerry canes around 11 PM in the night, when we drove in to buy they said they were not selling to vehicles, when I came out of the car, the supervisor ran away leaving the pomp attendant alone, this is really unfortunate”.
“When you see the long queues at the filling stations, one will wonder where the black- marketers are getting the product from and selling at a very high rate to desperate motorists who need the commodity at all cost”. He lamented.
He lamented that his members are the worse hit in the situation, as they spend hours at the filling station queuing to get fuel for their business. Adding that “some of them got these vehicles at higher purchase to which they must remit a certain amount daily, but with the lingering fuel scarcity, it has been difficult for them to meet up with the agreement.
Musa noted that despite the federal government’s fixing of official price at N86.00 per litre for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, owned filling stations and N86. 50 per litre for other marketers, most filling stations are selling between N 160 – N180 per litre across the country.
“Most filling stations including those belonging to the major retailers such as NNPC and others are selling the scare product between N 160- 180 across the federation .
The president urged the federal government to keep to its promise of ending the lingering fuel scarcity as promise noting that the current situation has crumble economic activities in the country .
It would be recall that the hike price is as a result of the high scarcity of the product since the beginning of the year which became more severe in the last month leading to product hoarding, diversion and black-racketeering by dealers and retailers.