Saeed Muhammed aka Funky Mallam has finally revealed how his first marriage ended over four years ago. The singer cum actor in a recent chat for the first time opened up on the incompatibility that led to the end of his first marriage, which produced a son. “I was married before now but we got divorced about four years ago though I am planning to get married this year. What happened was that my ex-wife said if she had known that I am into acting or I am a celebrity she would not have married me. That is a flimsy excuse because I told her the truth before we got married; she knows what I do. But the main problem was incompatibility so we decided to free ourselves since we were no longer compatible again.”
Giving an insight into his next line of action towards marriage, the Kano state born thespian confirmed he will tie another nut soon, “She will soon come in and when we get married you will know her. I could have married her this December but for some things. Not to worry, early next year we are getting married. I love to have a quiet marriage; sometimes making too much noise affects marriages. I have seen a lot of marriages that make too much noise and it doesn’t last.”
At first, Saeed was reluctant to reveal the identity of the new bride but, when pressed further, he said, “Ok, I am getting married to Aisha Ahmed Bello.”
Revealing her major attraction, Saeed said, “The major attraction is that she is nice, understanding and very educated and she appreciates everything that I do.
Saeed Muhammed, popularly known as Funky Mallam, came into limelight through the sitcom, Paradise Park. “That was my debut in sitcom and after that was TV comedy show, Laugh Line after that came Face2Face that shot me like a catapult to limelight.”

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