Assuming Nigeria is to play next week, do you have enough players to prosecute it
We don’t have certain players, right now and most of the foreign-based players we had before are not enjoying playing time on the pitch in their various club sides, it is very difficult to get the good player and to bring them here may be three to four training session before a game is very difficult.
Beside we don’t have enough time when they come down to Nigeria, if you look at them very well, physically I think they are fit for their different club all what we need is to concentrate on tactical play positional players.

Super Eagles first AFCON qualifiers match is against Chad in two months time, and they are boasting that they are ready for Nigeria what are you going to do to rectify last year’s mistake
We all need to team up, that is why I said NFF, the media and whoever that is going to be in the technical crew plus players need to work together once the player see that media and NFF are together, they will definitely follow whatever thing we are doing, there will be more seriousness in the game but where there is divided house it is very tough so, we are going to take every game seriously, we are not going to give away anything and I just want Nigerians to believe in their team and be a bit patient as success will definitely come.

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What is your personal target for these two years
My target is to take Nigeria’s football to the highest level ever there is in the football world.

Do you believe in young player of all cadre
That was what I did last two years; we believe in home base players, let me make it clear today, that the foundation of any national team is home based players. I personally, came out from home based player a lot of them including Henry Nwosu, Segun Odegbami, Adoke etc came out of local league so, we have them here.
I think what we need is to make provision to take care of them and work with them. That was the same programme I ran before we qualified for the nations cup and world cup and if we can continue with that I think it will work out for Nigeria’s good.
Talking about Flying Eagles, Nigerians are celebrating those young players do you think they are good enough to play for super Eagles
Of course, they are doing pretty well in Flying Eagles but I want Nigerians to know that Flying Eagles is not Super Eagles; the Super Eagles is the height of the game so, if they can cope there is no problem. I did it when I was 17 years old playing senior and junior, so if any of those players can do it, I will work with them, there is no problem but you must have the required quality and be committed too.

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Any programme for Nigerians born abroad and do you have any plan for them as the Coach of Super Eagles
Of course, I was in touch with Sammy Ameobi, we brought Stephen Okoh from Switzerland and we still have a lot of them out there, if they qualify to play for Nigeria and think they can make an impact surely we will bring them in with the support of NFF Secretary General and President.

Have you reviewed your relationship with the Nigerian Media
For one moment, I never thought I had problem with the Media personally, I think I am friendly with the them but you can be friendly with the Media and someone thinks that is not enough or they want more but I have never been against the Media because in the school of coaching you are bound to work with the Media. I am your brother and friend but I have to be honest with you if you asked me a question I don’t have answer to I will tell you I don’t want to answer.
So, I don’t have any issue with the Nigerian Media and if anybody thinks I have done something they don’t like, I am sorry about it.

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How confident are you of Nigeria’s chances of picking 2017 AFCON ticket ahead of Group opponents, Chad, Tanzania and Egypt
I have always taken things one step at a time. We will prosecute the game against Chad first. After that, we can worry about Tanzania and Egypt.

What mistakes during your first stint are you working on correcting this time around
Initially, I had a plan and I followed that plan. Everything was going on well and we ended up winning the 2013 AFCON title. We also qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup but then things began to change.
There was a lot of interference and it affected everything we were doing. The good thing is that things are very different now and I am sure we will do well.