A huge gap between public opinion and democracy has been revealed as one of the leading causes of violence in several African countries and around the globe, consequently undermining the quality and sustenance of democracy in these countries.
This discovery was made by NOIPolls limited, one of Nigeria’s major polling services and the pioneer of innovative research methodologies.
In a report signed by the Operating Officer/Director of Research, NOIPolls, Dr Bell Ihua and made available to newsmen in Abuja, the research cited example with the recent political crisis in Burundi and the petrol subsidy removal protest in Nigeria in 2012, explaining that most of these crises were ignited by the lack of inclusiveness and public participation in governance.
Decades ago have seen democracy being embraced all over the world, therefore creating the need for the measurement of public opinion, which has now become more critical to the sustenance of democracy.
Sadly, many governments in the world are yet to harness the full dividends of public opinion, which if not measured, will lead to collapse or pose a big treat to sustenance of democracy.
Against this background, NOIPolls limited has introduced what it called Public Opinion Tracking Toolkit-POTTTM in other to close the gap created by the absence of public opinion measurement by the government.
It provides a scientific platform for public inclusiveness, participation in policy and strategy formulation, implementation and corporate governance, thus providing a democratized scientific platform for raising the profile of any issue as opposed to protests.

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